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Brief Features

  • Mobile App based ordering and billing software.
  • Inventory management.
  • Menu management with multiple Rates for each item.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Bonus points & Loyalty Program integrated.
  • Finest Reporting and analysis.
  • Works with and without internet.
  • Mobile base online reporting for owner.
  • Move table order / Split bills and etc.
  • Track every Employee's performance.


Brief Features of App

  • Compatible with any version of Android / iOS
  • Compatible with any size of Mobile / Tablet (Size from 4" to 12")
  • Works without Internet (Only local WiFi network require).
  • Four different searching styles makes order taking easy and fast.
  • And many more best features.

Product & Detail Features

RestoPOS Software for all Formats of Food Industry

  • Fast and Easy to use as it is fully touch compatible.
  • Billing and KOT/BOT/Token management software suitable for every formats of the food industry Example: Fine Dine, Bakery, Quick Service, Bar and pub, Pizza outlets, Food court, Food Carts/trucks, Café/coffee/Huka outlets, Ice cream outlets, and other Food outlets.
  • Supports Parcel, Takeaway and Delivery based orders.
  • Automatically generate department wise KOTs/Tokens from single order.
  • Automatically generates department wise Bills with All department’s Final totals from single order. (E.g. Restaurant and Bar with Combined total at the end of the bills)
  • Wireless and smartly root-splits and deliver KOTs/BOT/Token towards different kitchen department printers.
  • You can also take “Out of Menu” Item (Open Item) Order.
  • Special instructions like “Extra Spicy” for particular order Items can be added into the KOT.
  • Get detailed information for Subtotal, Tax total, discount total and Grand total before saving order or generating the Bill.
  • Track all employee’s activity like who have added the Order Items, who have generated bills, who have modified the order items.
  • Fast and easy menu item searching with four different styles and shortcuts.
  • Split and merge Order / Bill.
  • Move order from one table to another table.
  • Manage Roles and permissions for your employees.
  • Multiple Payment mode settlements with mix mode settlements can delight your customer.
  • Menu management with full analysis.
  • You can also fix multiple rates for each menu item for different dining sections.

RestoTab Mobile Based order-taking App.

  • Compatible with any screen size of Mobile / Tablet devices (size ranging from 4" to 12").
  • Compatible with any version Android / iOS.
  • Works without Internet (Only local WiFi network require).
  • All operations of POS software can be performed on RestoTab device. E.g. Order taking + Automatic KOT/BOT delivery to kitchen printer and many more tasks can be performed.
  • You can take Dining, Parcel, Takeaway and Delivery order remotely through RestoTab device.
  • Smart order taking with four different menu items searching styles and automatically generates department wise KOTs/Tokens from single order.
  • Take “Out of Menu” (Open) Item Order.
  • Special Instructions like “Extra Spicy” for particular order Items can be added into the KOT.

And many more best features.

RestoCRM Customer Relationship Management for forever Customer Bonding...

  • Customer Relationship management.
  • Build in bonus point calculator and Customized loyalty Program.
  • Support card reader of different types.
  • SMS integration for transaction, bonus points tracking and feedback management.
  • Reminder and SMS support for Birthday and Anniversary events.
And many more best features.

RestoIMS Inventory Management Solution for Total Control...

  • Seven different types of stock movement operations.
  • Support single and multiple stock entry operations.
  • Support multiple kitchen operations.
  • Support barcode readers of different types.
  • Define reorder level (Buffer level) for all the materials.
  • Live stock availability report with a single click.
  • Generates purchase report vendor-wise and bulk quantity-wise.

And many more best features.

RestoRecipe Recipe at your Fingertips...

Please request demo for complete recipe features.

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